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Upcoming Events

Trash Bash & Spring Planting

  • April 26 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
Star City Riverfront Park
Join us in celebrating Earth Day by getting the park ready for Spring!

Annual Spring Clean Up

Will be held the week of May 12-May 16
Items to be picked up on your regularly scheduled pickup day. Place items in the same location as your garbage containers.
This event is for Residential Customers only, please!
We CANNOT TAKE any of the following items:
  • Tires
  • Paint or chemicals
  • Building Materials including, but not limited to, lumber, bricks, block, etc
  • Televisions or Computer Components

Drug Take-Back Day

Sponsored by the Star City Police Department and CVS Pharmacy
  • April 26 10:00 Am to 2:00 PM at CVS Pharmacy
Proper disposal of any prescription or over the counter drug. Pills and/or liquids should never be put into the sanitary sewer system or thrown away insecurely. Please, no needles, "sharps", or scalpels/lancets.

Memorial Day Service

  • May 26 10:30 AM
  • Veteran's Memorial along the Rail Trail

    Ordinance Book

    The Town of Star City Codified Ordinances are on the web!
    Previously only available by request in the business office, we are pleased to now provide access to our city codes online.

    Please click the link below to browse our current ordinance book:
    Codified Ordinances


    Click the link below for an archive of Council Meeting Minutes for the fiscal years 2012-2013 and 2013-present-links will be updated following each meeting date with the approved minutes from the previous meeting.

    Council Meeting Minutes Archive

    A Glimpse of the Past

    As winter turns to spring, our thoughts turn to baseball! The above photo was shared by the late Councilman Merwin R. Davis, Jr who is pictured second from the left in the back row of this 1947 photo of the Kelly's Creek baseball team. (If you recognize anyone else in the photo, please let us know as all the other player's names have been lost to the sands of time)

    Star City- Where Our Citizens and Guests Are STARS!

    Star City was founded in 1907 and named by Louis Kauffeld, general manager of the Star Glass Company. Kauffeld’'s factory was the first lamp chimney producer in West Virginia and made 72 different kinds of lamp chimneys.

    In 1911 the Seneca Glass Company, also referred to as Company B, opened and produced hand blown lime tumblers until 1931. Star City began to see an expansion in the early 1900’s and was a community that had many ethnicities represented. Polish and Slovak people migrated to Star City because they were skilled glass workers. Walter Kizinski had a glass factory along the riverfront which became known as the “Polish Factory” because Kizinski hired many Polish employees. This factory specialized in hand blown tableware. Glass production was the primary industry; records indicate there were as many as 13 glass factories operating at the same time.

    During the 1920’s, coal mining became the secondary industry for Star City. Scott’s Run Coal Mine provided employment for many residents in the community. A ferry was used to cross the Monongahela River to get to and from work at the mines until 1951 when the first Star City Bridge was constructed. Star City was home to the largest hotel in the area when the Holiday Inn opened in 1965, and by 1973 I-79 had reached Star City. Today the history of Star City is still preserved. 

    Davis-Lynch Glass is the only active factory left in Star City. Davis-Lynch specialize in hand-decorated and hand-painted lamps and parts. Star City is working to deepen its history while enhancing the future. A revitalization of the Riverfront with an emphasis in the rich history of Star City is the perfect combination.

    Click the map image below for a full page printable map of Star City

    scmap.jpg (680133 bytes)

City Council Meeting Dates

  • Apr 29
  • May 13
  • May 27

7:00 PM at City Hall

Planning Commission Meeting

  • None Scheduled-Next Meeting In June
7:00 PM at City Hall
2nd Floor Conference Room

Neighborhood Watch

  • Apr 10
6:00 PM

Beautification Committee

  • April 24
  • 6:00 PM

    Zoning Map Click Here

    Zoning Ordinances-click the link to the right labelled "Codified Ordinances", then navigate to Chapter 13 for the Zoning Code

    Annual Water Report-Click Below

    Application for Employment:

    Click Here, print out, and return hard copy to the business office.

    Personnel Policy Manual

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