The most frequently asked question we get in our office is "Do I need a Building Permit to do  that?"

     Most of the time, the answer to that question is YES! There are very few things which do not require a permit and most of them do not apply to the average homeowner. A partial list of jobs NOT requiring a permit includes: tool sheds & playhouses less than 120 sq. feet; fences not over 6 feet high; retaining walls not over 4 feet high; painting, wall papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops, and similar finish work; swing sets and other residential play equipment; portable heating appliances, portable cooling equipment, plumbing leaks in drains, water, or sewer pipes (provided work does not involve removal and replacement with new materials). A full list of exemptions is linked HERE.

    If the work you are planning to do is not listed above, you will need a permit. There are two types. A RENOVATION permit is what is needed if you're remodeling your bathroom or re-roofing your house. A NEW CONSTRUCTION permit is what you need if you're building a new house, adding a porch or deck, etc. All New Construction permits must be submitted to the Town Council before the work is begun. Copies of both types of permits are linked below as PDF forms for your convenience. Of course, they are also available in the Business Office and we are always willing to help you fill out the permit and answer any questions you may have.

                                Link to RENOVATION PERMIT is HERE

                                Link to NEW CONSTRUCTION PERMIT is HERE