Codified Ordinances


Click Here to View the Town of Star City Ordinances

Or by navigating to and choose menu item “Code Library” and select West Virginia, then Star City.  Click “View Code” to access the Town code library.


Ordinance Changes Throughout the Year

There will be updates to the codified ordinances of the Town of Star City, approved and adopted by Town Council, as deemed necessary.

These updates will be made to the online version of our Code Library, however these updates are not immediate.  Therefore, in an effort to be transparent, ordinance changes that have not yet been published to the online version are posted below for review.  Please click the links below to view each ordinance change and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Article 1791.11 Appeals (adopted 04.16.2024)

Article 1509 Fire Prevention Code (adopted 05.21.24)

Article 705 Contractor Licensing (adopted 05.21.24)