Below is a list of things that will help protect Area Streams and the Monongahela River.

Don’t litter: Always put litter in trash cans or recycle when possible. Litter and debris can cause storm drain blockage that leads to flooding, impaired water quality, and hazards to wildlife.

Clean up pet waste to reduce harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses in streams. Pick up and bag pet waste and place it in the garbage.

Properly Manage Yard Waste: grass clippings, leaves, and garden debris should be reused as mulch or put in a compost pile. Use a composting mower that will grind grass and leaves that will stay on the yard and add nutrients. WVU Ag Department offers a mulch program at its animal farm on Stewartstown Road. Call 304-293-7092 for details.

Use fertilizers and other yard chemicals in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or use a natural alternative. Do not apply when rain is expected and never pour down a storm drain, manhole, toilet, or household sink. Take unused fertilizers and chemicals to an approved disposal site – contact the Mon County Solid Waste Authority for more information.

Minimize Salt Use along with other de-icing material: use limestone chips for traction; sweep up residual materials and dispose of properly.

Don’t wash your car in the driveway which drains soap, oil, dirt, and engine grease into local waterways. Wash the car in the grass or better yet, take it to a commercial car wash. Most facilities recycle their water and excess water goes in the sanitary system.

Recycle waste motor oil at a local auto parts store such as Advance Auto Parts or Auto Zone or at a local mechanics shop.  Call first to be sure they offer the service.

Recycle plastic, aluminum and steel cans, cardboard, and newspapers/magazines. Star City has recycle drop off bins at Town Hall; bins can also be found at both Wal-Mart locations and at the Mon County Community Recycling Center off River Road.

Recycle other household/automotive materials: contact the Mon County Solid Waste Authority (304-292-3801) or check the following web sites: Morgantown Recycling or WV State Stormwater Site

Be the Neighborhood Watch for any illegal or suspicious dumping into our storm drains, streams, or the river and report it to Star City Town Hall.

Any spills of dangerous chemicals, flammable chemicals, or oil spills over 18 inches in diameter call 911 to report.



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